Tile & Grout Cleaning Sydney

We use the most advanced tile & grout cleaning equipment and tools to deliver the most effective tile cleaning service in town. Our professional cleaners are expertly trained and skilled in cleaning all types of tiles. Our innovative cleaning methods ensure a thorough clean, so we guaranteed that your tiles will look clean and new.

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Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Services Sydney

Clear Wash offers professional tile and grout cleaning services in Sydney. We make use of advanced tile and grout cleaning methods to simplify the process and deliver excellent results every time. Our expert tile cleaning in Sydney will freshen up your tiles and thoroughly clean grout lines to remove nasty build-up of dirt, grime, and mould to reveal the cleanest sparkle and shine.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Sydney for Immaculately Clean Floors

We are the preferred tile and grout cleaning company in Sydney You can choose from the best tile and grout cleaning options that are conducted by the best cleaning experts in Sydney. We take pride in our detail-oriented group cleaners that ensure all grout lines receive deep cleaning that they desperately need. Our professional tile cleaning services in Sydney will clean tile and grout at pocket-friendly prices, too.

Excellent Tile and Grout Cleaning Sydney

At Clear Wash, our tile cleaning services will be advantageous to those who need residential tile and grout cleaning and commercial tile and grout cleaning in Sydney due to the following reasons:

  • Professional-grade cleaning outcomes
  • Enhance the look and function of your bathroom and kitchen floorings
  • We use effective, 100% children and pet-safe cleaning methods
  • Enjoy germ-free tiled surfaces 

All our tile and grout cleaning professionals are expertly trained to implement cleaning methods that remove the accumulation of organic materials inside grout lines, to make them clean and safe to walk on again. The tile surfaces are treated with gentle yet effective cleaning solutions that remove dirty, mildew, and mould easily, too.

Superior Sydney Grout Cleaner at Afforddable Price Points

Our tile grout cleaning specialists in Sydney are fully-equipped with the latest tools and advanced cleaning products. You can get the best clean from Clear Wash at very reasonable packages, too. 

  • Strata tile and grout cleaning services in Sydney will make your tiles and grout look more attractive, hence enhancing the overall value of your home
  • Proper cleaning of tile and grout lead to healthier and safer spaces 
  • Improve air quality by removing allergens, germs, and other organic materials from tiled surfaces and grout lines

At Clear Wash, we offer tile grout cleaning for the following types of tiles:

  • Bathroom tile cleaning
  • Ceramic tile cleaning
  • Concrete floor cleaning
  • Granite Tile cleaning
  • Limestone tile cleaning
  • Marble tile cleaning
  • Porcelain tile cleaning
  • Sandstone tile cleaning
  • Slate tile cleaning
  • Terracotta tile cleaning
  • Terrazzo tile cleaning
  • Travertine tile cleaning
  • Vinyl floor cleaning

For almost ten years, Clear Wash has been the top choice for professional tile and grout cleaning in Sydney. Our expert cleaners are simply the best in the field as they employ the best cleaning techniques to deliver the best cleaning results for our clients. You may call us to book an appointment or request a no obligation quote today.

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We use heavy-duty cleaning products that will remove all dirt, grime, mould, and mildew from shabby and worn-out tiles to reveal their beauty yet again. Perfect for Residential, Strata and Commercial tile cleaning needs.

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Tile and Grout Cleaning Services – Property Types

Our Cleaning Services

House / Soft Washing

Our External soft washing techniques are designed to suit every surface.

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Tile & Grout Cleaning

We offer our excellent tile and grout cleaning services at unbeatable prices.

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Gutter & Roof Cleaning

We always take care of safety first while cleaning your roof and gutters.

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Pressure Cleaning

We can clean all surfaces outside your property, from hard to soft surfaces.

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Window Cleaning

10 years experience in the business providing our clients with regular cleans.

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Carpet Cleaning

We use the latest carpet cleaning machines to make your carpet look new again.

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Clear Wash Tile and Grout Cleaning Sydney – FAQ

Do you move around furniture while cleaning our dining room tiled floors? To ensure all the tiled surfaces will be cleaned.

Yes this is something we usually do. We will discuss these options when we are there quoting the job.

Can you clean limestone and travertine tiled floors inside our house?

Yes we can, these are soft and delicate surfaces and it’s very important that the correct chemicals and cleaning procedures are conducted. We have a lot of experience cleaning these materials and have a blend of chemicals which works very well and is safe to use. Our blend of diluted chemical mixture is a must on those tired kitchen tiled floors which usually consists of high traffic areas in the house. Then our low pressure water extraction vacuum cleaning machine leaves your internal tiled floors and grout looking like new again!

Is it safe to use chemicals around people and pets?

Yes we use an eco blend of chemicals which we dilute with water. We have created a mixture that works really well and is friendly to use around pets and people.

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