Strata Pressure Cleaning Sydney

Clear Wash provides an effective, safe, and environmentally-approach to cleaning exterior surfaces of strata properties in Sydney. Using top-of-the-line high pressure cleaning equipment, our professional cleaners will clean pavers and other outdoor surfaces in strata properties looking clean and fresh with less mess and no fuss. Our strata pressure washing services harness the power of water and high pressure to deliver a deep and thorough clean on strata outdoor surfaces that other cleaning systems fail to deliver.

Reliable Strata Pressure Wasshing Services in Sydney

Here at Clear Wash, we do our best to use environmentally-friendly cleaning systems to deliver efficient and long-lasting clean on outdoor surfaces of strata properties in Sydney. In the case of stubborn and tough stains that are difficult to remove after high water pressure washing will be used as cleaning agents for a deep and thorough cleaning solution. 

Our unique high pressure washing cleaning system offers a great way to clean hard outdoor surfaces, prepare substrates for paintwork, and to restore the look of outdoor spaces for residential and commercial properties. Clear Wash pressure washing techniques dissolves all residues and washes away organic matter such as dirt, grime, mould, and mildew from surfaces and grouts. At Clear Wash, our strata pressure washing services work perfect for soft surface applications, too.

Unmatched Pressure Washing Services in Sydney

At Clear Wash, we offer different types of schedules for strata properties and developments:

  • One-off pressure washing service
  • Daily pressure cleaning 
  • Weekly pressure cleaning
  • Fortnightly pressure cleaning
  • Monthly pressure cleaning

We work closely with strata managers to create a custom pressure cleaning schedule that is tailored to meet their specific needs and budget.  Our pressure cleaning services for Sydney strata buildings and properties are hard on dirt but gentle on surface materials. Rest assured that our pressure cleaning system is powerful enough to remove foreign matter, but not the surface material or grout that fills in between spaces. Clear Wash strata high pressure cleaning service involves:

  • Removal of dirt, grit, grime, and mould from pavements, walls, and garden walkways
  • Removal of stubborn stains, oil spills, and stains from exterior surfaces and strata outdoor common areas
  • Treats the build-up of stains on bricks and limestone paver
  • Completely strips off old, peeling paint from concrete 
  • Removal of unsightly dirt and stains on limestone, aggregate, porcelain, and concrete

Detailed High Pressure Cleaning Services in Sydney

Our professional pressure cleaners apply different cleaning techniques when high pressure water is not enough to clean strata outdoor surfaces:

  • Acid-base cleaners to remove mineral salts, cement, and scales 
  • Degreasers for treatment of oil spills and grease stains
  • Application of disinfecting cleaning agents to remove mould, mildew, and algae
  • Gentle detergents to clean surfaces and to enhance the efficiency of other treatments
  • Strippers to quickly remove paint, sealers, and oils on wooden surfaces

Let our expertly trained and knowledgeable pressure cleaning experts brighten up your strata development. With cutting-edge equipment, quality, environmentally-friendly products, and professionals who know how to use them well, Clear Wash can definitely enhance the kerb appeal and functionality of strata exterior spaces. Call us now to book an appointment with us or if you want to request a quote today.

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